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Research & Development (R&D)

Reach Your Target Market

This section (division) offers advertisers exclusive advertising rights on all our registered Content Search Networks (India, Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa & United Kingdom)
Reach thousands of online users and more especially job seekers who continiously search for jobs on South Africa's leading and best engineered search engine network website.

To get started, simply click on the link (Publish Ads)

All features:

Generate PDF (Reports)
Create & Run Campaign Ads (Appear as Sponsored Ads on our CSN search pages)
View Billing Transactions (CPC)
Pause & Run Campaigns (including Ads)
Update Account Information
Launch Date: Live
Stage: Production
Division: R&D Group
Phone: +27 (047) 531-0918
Mobile: +27 (064) 749-8647
Email: [email protected]

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Payment Methods:

Visa Mastercard American Express Paypal

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Content Search Network (CSN)

Expand Your Search Experience

This section (division) offers users the ability to search for local content from News to Jobs. Content Search Networks: India, Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa & United Kingdom
We focus our search expertise on the Jobs section providing Job Seekers with rich, accurate & quality content from across the globe, creating more job opportunities and placements.

To get started, simply click on link (Web & Mobile Search)

All features:

Search News
Search Web
Search Images
Search Books
Search Jobs
Launch Date: LIVE
Stage: Production
Division: CSN Group
Phone: +27 (047) 531-0918
Mobile: +27 (064) 749-8647
Email: [email protected]

Coming Soon (2018):

4 Content Search Networks
Search Jobs via Google™ Maps
Launch mobile app (iOS & Android - Nov)

Yandisa Mtyide. (Microsoft® BizSpark Member)

R&D Technologies:

Microsoft® Azure Platform
Google™ Cloud Platform
Microsoft® Visual Studio
Microsoft® SQL Server
Bootstrap, Angular JS & jQuery Platform
SAMSUNG® Developers Platform


Submit your latest software innovation.
Present it to us and if we like it,
we will list it on our Account Center page.
You will be the project owner, have full rights
and all royalties. We wil market it for you through our Certified Partner Networks

Technical Requirements: Microsoft® Azure & Google™ Cloud Platform

Market Requirements: Full Impact (Business & Consumer Drive)

Successful candidates will form part of our young, dynamic and innovative R&D group.
The freedom of expression through Technology™.

Phone: +27 (047) 531-0918
Mobile: +27 (064) 749-8647
Email: [email protected]